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Monday, August 20, 2007

Beach car

Just to prove that our trials aren't limited to things going wrong with the house, my Jeep decided to choose to today to test me, too.

It's rainy and coldish and I have to run to the vet with the kittens tomorrow so I decided to put the soft top back on and zip in the windows. I think that was my mistake. When I'd washed the grime off my hands and filed down the nails I broke struggling with the zippers I tried to start the car and it hiccoughed twice, beeped and flashed the interior light forlornly. Then, nothing.

Luckily we have AAA and more luckily it only took twenty minutes for the guy to turn up and even more luckily I was watching for him and saw him driving into the front drive so I was able to sprint across the lawn before he drove off, unable to locate a black Jeep on the property. This has happened before, even when I explained there are two driveways, one to the garages and one to the front door. It pays to keep your running shoes on so you can chase them up the road waving and yelling like a crazy person and direct them to the right entrance. As I was on my way to the gym when the saga started I was dressed appropriately.

The guy gave me a jump start and left me to reverse the car out of the garage so I could charge up the battery. I got two feet back before the car died and I had to leap out of the car and chase the guy down the road, waving and yelling like a crazy person. To cut a long story short, the battery was dead and I spent this afternoon waiting for a replacement because they don't keep that type of spare battery on the truck.

I swear the Jeep only did this because it's a beach car, happiest with its top down and doors off. It didn't like being smothered in its rain gear. Either that or there is a conspiracy to drive me nuts and the house and the car are in it together.

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