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Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm Classical Trendy

I've fallen in love with a new kitchen and in the process defined my style. The modular Fiamma kitchen by GED Cucine has gorgeous, tactile walnut cabinetry designed to blur the boundaries of living and cooking areas, or as they put it
"System Kitchen, Fiamma leaves the limit of the kitchen to continue in the living-room, recovering a material of memory: the walnut in sepia-grey tone."
That's what I want - walnut "the material of memory". I can't imagine how much it would cost, but the copy on the website does say that it's a "valuable soft-finish wood" that they combine with "shining steel" and "natural cut stones", so I'm thinking somewhere between very expensive and prohibitive. The kitchen seems to be sold only in Italy so I'm unlikely to find out. But "Classical Trendy" is the tag-line and it seems to fit me and the things I like so I'm going to adopt it.

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