The Cool House: Fragrant

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Reaching for deoderant after showering this morning I managed to knock an almost full bottle of Bug Off! insect repellent out of the medicine cabinet.

downstairs bathroom
The reason it was almost full is that it is pretty powerful stuff, best used sparingly. As it was a glass bottle and the floor is tiled the bottle didn't bounce. Immediately the bathroom became a Finnish sauna, with herbal smells of rosemary and citronella. Really strong smells. I had the urge to run out into the snow and beat myself with birch twigs. Luckily there were none handy so I used the towel to mop up the mess and then threw it into the washing machine. Bosch machines may get things clean but they couldn't get the smell out of that towel, and now everything else that was in there smells of rosemary, too.
It's not a bad scent but it's more medicinal than I would choose for the holidays. I'm just wondering how long it will be before it starts to fade.

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