The Cool House: Green Xmas (with blue tints)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Green Xmas (with blue tints)

We spent a busy Saturday decorating the house for the holidays.

We got it up just as our first parcels arrived from Amazon Santa.

Although the indoor tree is a cut spruce we bought from the local fire brigade (they deliver it, too!) we went to the nursery and bought a living arborvitae to have by the front door. We can plant it out in the spring. I had to put holly sprigs around the bottom to stop the kittens climbing in and pulling the decorations off.

The garland on the door is holding up well - no needles dropping yet.

I collected some more greenery from the yard and made three arrangements with a red and a white painted birch branch we bought from the nursery.

I added some roses to one of the vases.

Fruit, pinecones and votive candles around the blue spruce branch on the mantel. I don't know how we are going to light the Yule log with all that greenery in the way. We may have to do this instead.

Four white candles in the Swedish Jul ring we used to hang from the ceiling.

The Prussian soldier stands guard over the liquor. Somebody needs to.
We finished around 7 PM, then we went to a holiday party in the Village and saw how talented home owners really do Christmas decor. I have no photos but imagine something like this only more opulent. It was a staggeringly beautiful display and my yuletide decorations cannot hold a ahem candle to it.


Anonymous said...

oh this is such a tease! It sounds wonderful but I can't see any of the pics for some reason. They aren't showing up in my browser :(

modernemama said...

Is your browser IE? They show up on Safari and Firefox
Here's a link to the Flickr Xmas show until I can sort the problem out :)

modernemama said...

I think I fixed it but leave me a comment if you still can't see the pics :)