The Cool House: I love duck tape

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I love duck tape

bar 1960s vintage
One of the spotlights over the bar burned out several weeks ago and I've been attempting to get it out ever since. The problem was it was wedged in so tightly there was nowhere to put your my fat fingers and get a grip on it to turn it. Steven tried and pronounced it "impossible".
Last night I was sitting in the den with a glass of Cabernet when I had an "aha" moment. What if I stuck something to the bulb and used that to turn it? What better than duck tape?

The lightbulb was no match for my ingenuity and the tape. Of course I didn't have a new lightbulb of the correct size, but I did have this eco-bulb.

It may not be a look that'll catch on but the long thin shape made it much easier to screw into the socket.

And it will be using a lot less power.

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