The Cool House: The best toast in the world.

Friday, January 04, 2008

The best toast in the world.

While measuring for a new ventilation hood (a girl can dream away the ugly) I thought I might check out the built-in toaster in the island. I mean we've been in the house three and a half years and it would be a shame to redo the kitchen before we'd seen if it still works.

I pulled out the integrated chopping board, too.

Popped the bread in the toaster. It's a Toastmaster.

And a couple of minutes later, perfect toast. Much better than I've been making in the Dualit.
Then I discovered why. This is a commercial toaster. I don't know if this is the $500 model but I wouldn't be at all surprised. Everything in this house was top of the range (pun intended) when it was built. I know one thing, though, once you've had real toast you can't go back to the ordinary kind. Spoilt again.

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