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Monday, January 07, 2008

The credenza is home

We had a busy Saturday chez Cool House. Even though Steven had only got back from Europe at 11:30 PM Friday we were up early to fetch the hire van and drive to NJ to pickup the credenza that I won on ebay. We knew we had to be back by lunchtime to let the guys in for the photo shoot so we were really rushing. Which probably accounts for the reason I slid down the back stairs. From top to bottom. On my butt. Bouncing on each step. I have one cheek that is twice the size of the other and completely dark blue and purple. It hurt like hell but it wasn't a life-threatening injury and we had to move so I walked it off. From that morning's experience there are a couple of things I think could do with improvement: the padding on the seats of panel vans and the pavement of the Cross Bronx Expressway.

We had a little trouble finding the pick-up location but the sellers were kind enough to meet us in the carpark of a Burger King with the credenza. I call that truly excellent service, even if it did feel a little like we were doing some shady deal! We drove back very gingerly as the credenza has three original sliding glass doors and got it home intact.

Here it is in its new home in the kitchen and it's even better than I imagined. The long low profile emphasizes the angle of the wall.

My only dilemma is what to put in/on it. Although it seems to be accumulating a fair amount of stuff on top already.

I thought this lamp might work so I bid on that on ebay too.

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