The Cool House: Earthquake, what earthquake?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Earthquake, what earthquake?

This is one way to make sure you wake right up. I opened my email this morning at 7 AM and received this from Steven who's in London, England on business:
"I suspect by the time you read this that the earthquake I felt last night will be old news".
Good thing I had a cup of coffee in my hand.
A quick surf to good old BBC news got me the information because I hadn't heard a thing. I'd been up at 4 with the cats and put on the BBC world service to send me back to sleep and they didn't mention it, (although I do know the value of the dollar against the euro and pound, so don't spend anything over there, darling) and I woke up to NPR and there was nothing other than the Democratic debate and sub-prime crisis on that station this morning.
It wasn't a particularly large earthquake and the Brits reacted with the typical stiff upper lip. One senior citizen was quoted by the BBC: "When we found out we both said well, that's another thing we've lived through."

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