The Cool House: No eBay, but some Ikea

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No eBay, but some Ikea

To ease the pain of the eBay boycott I made another purchase at Ikea instead. A pink Stockholm throw to cover the scratch marks on the Harvey Probber sofa in the Great Room.

It's mostly mohair and extremely soft, which unfortunately, makes it irresistble to the cats. At least it cost a reasonable $29.99 rather than the $100+ that these things can sell for, so if it gets ruined I won't be too upset with them.


Anonymous said...

I have the same sofa! Mine is in a deep rust corduroy. I found it in mint condition at Salvation Army and they didn't know what to price it at so they gave it to me for $300! It is 7 pieces with 2 corners, but I don't have the circle and backless square like you do.

Where did you get yours? Do you know when they were made r how prevalent they are? I have only ever seen one online other than these two you show, and it too was an incomplete set, with only 5 pieces.

modernemama said...

hi, My sofa came with the house - they were made in the late 60s and early 70s by Harvey Probber of Fall River MA. Mine have the tags underneath each piece.
Probber died in 2003 and his furniture has become very collectible but I have no idea how many there are left intact, pieces come up for auction all the time but I've only seen the exact same model once - the orange vinyl one on ebay. That's here. He also produced other sectionals of different sizes. Getting yours for $300 sounds like a huge bargain. Congrats.