The Cool House: Successful shopping

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Successful shopping

I went shopping yesterday and picked up two bunches of pussy willows for $2.99 each. Very springlike.
I also got the toy-loving dog a "bearman" to replace the last one that is somewhere in the yard buried under a mound of snow, or leaves, or mud.

This 'bear man' will be named 'bear bear' because he looks like a grizzly. Polly loves a good squeaky toy and I like to name things appropriately.


Joanne said...

Too cute! Our dog likes chomping on squeaky toys, too. So much so that when she caught a squirrel the other day she tried to squeak it like her toys! We got her to let it go, and he clambered up into a tree, probably wondering what the heck that was all about. :-)

Very0me said...

thx for the video.
Itchy is the cutest!!