The Cool House: A Welcome Intervention

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Welcome Intervention

Just as I was thinking I needed an intervention to control my ebay addiction I find out we have to boycott ebay for a week starting Monday February 18. It's just the break I need to kick the habit. Unfortunately it still means there are six more bidding days to go and at this rate I'm going to be in serious trouble by then.


Anonymous said...

I'm a recovered ebay junkie. What drove me to recovery?

Ebay does not take enough responsibility for unscrupulous sellers. There are many on ebay.
They will charge obscene shipping fees, take your instant payment via paypal, take a week or longer to mail an item, often mail items that never worked or have been damaged or packaged improperly for shipment, then wait for a buyer to leave feedback before they leave any for a buyer who has maintained quick emails and paid almost instantly with a credit card. Sellers should be forced to leave feedback before a buyer can leave feedback. it's bologna. Ebay makes a whole lot of money for a whole lot of nothing.

Jean Martha said...

I may resort to biting my nails.