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Monday, March 10, 2008

Art, moveable art

If the new Jamie Geller Dutra painting is in the master bedroom, then where is the Aboriginal art "Myths of Uluru" that I gave the guy for his birthday three years ago?
Here's the thing: I never felt that painting was 100% at home in our bedroom, the colors weren't quite right and it was a little small for the space. So I moved it to me office, right above the computer and it's extraordinary.

The ochre and red dots are perfectly balanced by the Asger Jorn Uden Titel (1943-44) poster from the Louisiana Museum collection in Denmark that hangs on the opposite wall,

and the Indonesian mask by the window. It's getting global in here.

Just in case you thought I was leaving out the Americas, New York is represented by three photos on the wall nearest the door.
Piece by piece the house is coming together.

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