The Cool House: Getting started on the bathroom

Friday, March 14, 2008

Getting started on the bathroom

I can't tell you how long I've waited to type those words. Unfortunately, I had hoped that I'd be writing about the long anticipated master bath remodel but that would be too easy. We're still at the "You haven't shown me a plan" "I showed you the plan" "That's not a plan. It's a sketch, a very vague sketch" stage.
But we do have one other bath we have to renovate. Or half-bath. Or powder-room as they call it here. The little WC under the stairs. The one I said would have to wait until we renovated the kitchen. (I should make two New Year's Resolution lists in future. One of things we plan to do that year, these will never get done, and a second list of things that won't even be considered because it seems that these will never be completed at any cost).
And it all started with a call to our great handyman to come help me fix the rotted siding under the sliding door. You see because he does fabulous work he's greatly in demand. So when you've got him you don't want to let him leave without tackling all the little chores you can't do yourself. Like tile the 52"x 56" space that is the downstairs loo.

Inspiration from great room credenza

I know exactly what I want in there: Ronbow Red and Black Vessel sink with a long neck vessel faucet on a Carrara marble countertop. See how easy this will be? The only thing I need to do now is pick the floor tiles. And yesterday I saw just the thing over at apartment therapy: Cheap and Chunky DIY marble tile floor. That's it exactly. Perfect. And they will tell me how to do it. Only yesterday's email with the details didn't come and I'm waiting impatiently, checking my inbox every two seconds. Because I need to go get the necessary materials so that we are ready when The Handyman comes and then we can cross this project off the list.


Anonymous said...

Awesome vessel sink, counter top combination! I found some decent DIY tile installation tips if you can't wait - check them out:

Anonymous said...

It looks like Remi Beige Marble from Lowes, which is a really cheap at $3/sq ft. Get extra, because it's not exactly a quality product.

You'll need white Versabond thinset from Home Depot, 1/16" spacers, a bucket, 1/4" notched trowel, levels, a grout float, grout sponge, and to filch a dental pick from your dental hygienist. 'Smoke' grout from tile for less is about the same color as that picture, but I remember home depot had a similar color - I think it was called Fawn.

Oh, how do I know?

Been there, done that.