The Cool House: We went out last night

Monday, March 17, 2008

We went out last night

And did we have fun? Just us and 3000 of our closest friends. We discovered some new (to us) talent William Elliot Whitmore. If your wondering why you've never heard of him try saying "William Eliot Whitford" after six pints of lager. The best adjective to describe his music is "raw". At least that's what the wee Irish lad who came up to me three times during one song to ask his name called it. By the time he got back to his mates, he'd forgotton the name. By the third go, I couldn't pronounce it either. But he's from Ohio, he's bluesy, folksy, and raw on a banjo. Do yourself a favour. Go listen to Digging my Grave on myspace.

We weren't the only ones who had chills running down our spines and believe me, with the main act coming up we were a tough crowd to impress. Luckily we happened to meet the guy on the blue couch so we weren't afraid to let our emotions out.

To give you another chance to tell me who was headlining (upstate got the second act already) I'll review the rest of the evening when my ears stop ringing you've had a chance to garner the clues in this post.

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