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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Superpower: Total Mastery of Water - Updated

Nearly 40% of the keyword analysis on my statcounter is coming from people searching "Kohler Karbon".* That's the new pot filler introduced by Kohler at K/BIS last week, which reminded me of the articulated robotic arms Fiat used to replace manual labour in its auto factories in the 70s.
To be helpful to those looking for more information on this revolutionary faucet I researched the product and here's what I have learnt: it is made from carbon fiber, that means it's very strong and yet flexible; you can move it into several different positions and then use it hands-free; you can place the control on the right or the left; it has a button for spray. In other words it's like many other kitchen faucets but it's made from a more unusual material and aesthetically it looks very different. A lot is made by the copywriters of its modern design; having looked at the faucet in more detail I now think it resembles a socket wrench as much as a robotic arm. That is not necessarily a negative, why shouldn't a "powerful kitchen tool" look like a powerful home improvement tool?
What I'd be buying it for, though, would be it's effect on my psyche, for the Karbon promises "a totally different experience with water at the sink" whereby I will "achieve mastery of water". Now that's a tagline I can get behind.
It won't be available for some months yet so to experience the faucet for yourself try it out virtually and be sure to check out the two videos Kohler have produced to promote their new product.

*and it would seem, Kohler themselves. Someone from Kohler has been visiting the blog regularly since I posted this .

Update: It would seem that I made a huge error in labeling the Kohler Karbon a pot filler. It is not. It is a faucet. I stand corrected. Its flexibility allows you to easily fill tall pots without having to place them in the sink but it is not designed to fit behind a range or cooktop. However, the wall-mounted model still looks like a pot filler, it folds back flat against the wall and extends out to, well, fill pots. So my question for M. Kohler is: Why not design a Karbon Pot Filler and extend the "mastery of water"?


Jennifer said...

That is SOME pot filler! Wow... does it add the ingredients and stir them, too?

modernemama said...

it responds "intuitively to the touch" so who knows what may be possible........