The Cool House: Up the garden path

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Up the garden path

We moved the garden path 4" to the right. No, I'm not kidding. You would not believe the work entailed in moving five bluestone slabs 4". The digging, raking and sniping away at old roots so the stones would sit level took a couple of hours. And why, you might ask did we undertake this particular project at 5PM on Saturday? Because I was fed up of walking up the garden path only to have to step off it onto soil to get past the huge holly and open the gate.
Other Saturday projects successfully completed: purchase of a 12" brace to temporarily mend the fence again; fixing of said brace to fence panels and post; a rewarding Martini in Mary Carroll's bar at Huntington, followed by the purchase of a Caesar Salad Pizza from Rosa's Pizzeria next door.


Anonymous said...

Wow! What an endeavor! I'm dreading all the landscaping I have to do around my house this spring. It's not my favorite part about home maintenance.

Jean Martha said...

that is no small feat. I need to fix mine's sinking big time.

I moved my blog to url...

I've set up my links on the frontpage and of course...included you!


Jennifer said...

Well, it looks good!

We have a pile of rocks we have been moving around our yard... every month we choose a new place for them. They are HEAVY! I totally understand how much work moving those stones was.

Jenny said...

Very impressed! And it was for a good reason. :)