The Cool House: And then there was Beantown

Sunday, May 11, 2008

And then there was Beantown

Quincy Market

Thermopolyae at the JFK Building

USS Constitution

USS Cassin Young
Much was accomplished in a few days, including some sightseeing, bacon wrapped scallops at The Salty Dog (I cannot recommend this too highly; the sweetest, tastiest scallops encased in BACON. What's not to like? Everything tastes better wrapped in bacon), and martinis at The Last Hurrah.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures in a lovely city. And bacon does make everything better - on scallops? Mmm.

modernemama said...

It was one of those taste defining moments. How can I describe it? The crispy, slightly salty smokiness of the bacon completely encased the scallops, which were so sweet and tender. Simple and satisfying in two perfect bites.