The Cool House: DWR Saarinen/Knoll Event

Friday, May 02, 2008

DWR Saarinen/Knoll Event

From last night's DWR-Roslyn Event celebrating 50 Years of Saarinen. This is how my den looks in my imagination.

The Tulip tables and Tulip chair in Platinum, the new base color introduced to mark the 50th Anniversary. Originally the three colors were black, white and aluminum but for many years only the black and white had been produced.
Just visible in the background is a blow-up shot of Saarinen's iconic TWA Terminal at JFK airport.

The terminal will open to Jet Blue passengers in late summer 2008.

After listening to the presentation and seeing the entire collection I really want to visit the Saarinen House and Cranbook Art Museum in Detroit to get a sense of what inspired Eero Saarinen and his father Eliel. Until then I'll have to make do with lusting after the red fabric Womb chair and the Executive armchair in Volo leather that I sat in last night. Soooo stylish and comfy.


Jen said...

I have loved the red fabric womb chair for ages.

Once I was working on a showroom in a S.C. office complex. They had tossed some Sarinen white side tables in a closet. I wanted them so bad. But it was too much red tape for them to give them to me or sell them to me. They no longer fit the office's "cubical" decor. LOL.

Charlie said...

I love all of his stuff! I have always loved the TWA terminal! Brings back good memories. Is that the old ambassador club? Wow, long time no see! I am so happy they didn't tear the whole thing down! Now that I have seen the table on your blog a couple of times, I now want it as well! The table is just lovely, such clean lines.