The Cool House: A Blessing for Your Beloved's Feet

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Blessing for Your Beloved's Feet

I can't believe I missed this one. As you know, I love the bling and the glitz, so what could make me happier than Swarovski Crystal flooring and 24 carat gold cork mosaic? These luxury floors were featured in the Designers Corner at the DOMOTEX 2008 show in Dubai at the end of May.
As I'm still speechless I give you Elite Choice's breathtaking review:

Colors indicate one’s mood and add to this the touch of bling to witness a beguiling upshot. The case in point is well exemplified by the latest offering of Swarovski-Crystal carpeting and 24k gold cork mosaic at DOMOTEX Middle East 2008 in the ‘Designers Corner.’ This seems to be the come-back of reigning days of Moghuls and Emperors, who can’t compromise but to have a filthy-rich lifestyle. Installing this gold-bathed flooring would enlighten your sense and bring warmth to your abode. I strongly believe that this opulent offering is not everyone’s cake as would tune well with the manors feeding guests with gold or silver spoon. Feel free to give your wild imagination a shape that maintains the durability of this flooring. It would surely be a blessing for your beloved’s feet.

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