The Cool House: Dog dishing

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dog dishing

Hey Sadie, how come we aren't allowed to run on the beach today?

Well, Polly there's a ton of slimey, green seaweed on the beach and you know it makes modernemama mad when we track it into the house. And when you smear it on the sofas.

So I guess we have to walk on leash. Just one question: How come the cats never have to wear a leash?


Marilyn said...

Must you wave sweet black dogs at me like that? Cleo will be jealous.

Jean Martha said...

Polly is cute...but I think I love Sadie.

Jennifer said...

Did you say SLIMY green seaweed? My dogs will be right over to roll in it. Bonus points if there is a dead fish in there, too!

Jen said...

I love Polly and Sadie equally.
And the black kitty too.

Jennifer- if there was a dead fish Puppy would roll in it.

modernemama said...

the black cat, Cassis, thinks he's a dog so he walks with us but not on a leash
and dead fish? dead anything is good for rolling in - especially toads!