The Cool House: Totaled or Totally Repairable?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Totaled or Totally Repairable?

Turns out the car might not be totaled after all. On the twelfth day after the accident, 10 days after we had been notified that an assessor had been appointed and six days after the dealer had told us to pick up the plates because it was a write-off I got a call from a very determined assessor who hoped we hadn't bought a new car yet because as far as he could see it just needed two new doors.
The car is apparently at an unsecured car auction place somewhere in the Tri-state area and he needed our permission to tow it to a "very good car shop in Medford" which they "use all the time" so someone could make sure that's all it needed.
Hmm, I didn't used to be a suspicious gal (OK, that's a big, fat lie. I'm cynical by birthright and inclination.) but something changed over the past few years. Maybe it's the way the Administration plays fast and loose with the Constitution; maybe it's the lack of a democratic process in Albany or maybe it's just a reaction to that damn insurance bill but something doesn't seem quite right. It's a lease car and I'm not named on the lease so I couldn't help him and The Guy is in meetings in another part of the country and couldn't be reached but the assessor insisted he should call him back "any hour of the day or night".
Really? If you can be reached any hour of the day or night, shouldn't you have gone out to see the car before it was released by the dealer's shop? Just saying. Oh, and am I the only person who when faced by the "I've been doing this job for thirty years" comment wants to yell back: You should have got the hang of it by now OR You're only as good as your last job OR Tell it to Obama!


Anonymous said...

I believe you have the right to take it to another body shop. I would be wary, especially on a lease.-Priscilla

Jennifer said...

Huh... good news or bad news? I agree... get another opinion.