The Cool House: Lobster Day

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lobster Day

"Is it lobster day, today?" was the first thing I asked when The Guy brought me coffee in bed. (Yes, he brings me coffee every morning. I know what you are thinking: spoilt cool house owner! Not really, I suffer in other ways.)

The reason I sounded like an excited six year old? Well, Saturday evening should have seen us eating lobster on the south shore of Long Island with friends but Music Guy hurt his back and didn't feel he could sit on a hard bench at the Shack, let alone wrestle a hard carapace to get to the delicious sweet flesh within. So I was denied, at least for the weekend. We made plans to go here today instead.

I haven't been to the Lobster Roll this summer but it's not for the want of trying. Back in early May on the return leg of my trip to Boston I dropped in for lunch but an absence of vehicles in the car park revealed that it was only open weekends until Memorial Day. Then there was a frustrating trip out to Riverhead in the season where I learnt that the are NOT OPEN ON TUESDAY. But today is Thursday, I have double-checked the opening times and I can see only one possible problem: Puffers are on the menu.

So should it be lobster, lobster roll or puffers? Decisions, decisions. It's really too hot for all this brain work.


Marilyn said...

When I'm in that part of the world, there's no question for me: lobster rolls. Drippy, buttery lobster rolls.

Um...maybe with a side of whole lobster and puffers, too.

Jean Martha said...


that place uses too much celery though...yeah...i'm whining....

modernemama said...

I love the celery - gotta have the crunch. There seemed to be less celery this time, though. I used to hate the rolls but they seem to have changed them as they weren't sweet.
Not drippy or buttery, either. These are proud, meaty rolls without too much mayo.
They'd also altered the batter on the puffers, less fatty more yummy.