The Cool House: Weeding, again

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Weeding, again

Because the 4th was cool and rainy we decided to tackle the rockery and sunken bed under the dining room window in between bites of hotdog and swigs of beer. By tackle I mean get rid of ALL the weeds that were obscuring the hostas and day lilies we (trans)planted last year. It went quicker than I thought it would, largely because the weeds were clover, milk weed and other shallow rooted varieties, although we do have a great sycamore (maple? what is the difference between European and American maples and sycamores?) patch that I'm trying not to Roundup* but I may yet have to resort to a chemical killer. I do make my own cheapo weedkiller: white vinegar, salt and washing-up liquid. It won't kill me or the land and it's effective on grass-like plants, but on miniature trees? Not so much.
Anyhow, these are a few beauties we uncovered

small hydrangea that I bought in lieu of a houseplant two years ago

Day lily that used to be hidden behind the azalea hedge. Come into the light, baby

Blue hosta, unnamed from plant sale

Grey tabby kitten, taking a breather from rodent patrol

*kills the roots, guaranteed

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