The Cool House: But is it lobster-proof?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

But is it lobster-proof?

The new MoMa Store catalog arrived and this Wooden Clutch from the MoMA Store caught my eye immediately. Made from curved hickory, it has a unique sculptural quality that makes me want to rush out and touch it, stroke it and make it it MINE. Unfortunately, it's currently on backorder, even worse it would cost $295 plus tax, and even with my member discount that's still more than I want to part with.
But the real question is: Can I go out dinner with it and not do it some terrible damage?
Last night we went to the south shore of Long Island to eat the lobster I was denied some weeks ago. It was a beautiful evening; the storms that had threatened never materialized so we were able to sit on the water and watch the sun set. This is a hands-on place - no bibs or water dishes - you just grab the seafood and tear it apart. We started with BYO wine, some shrimp and seaweed salad and then moved on to the main event - the much anticipated lobsters. I reached for mine, a 1 lb female, cracked the shell with both hands and showered myself in a delicious red spray of coral or lobster roe.
This was upsetting on two fronts. First, the coral is my favorite part and I didn't want to waste any and second, this stuff stains anything it touches bright orange. The sun was setting, so I figured it wouldn't be too noticeable, and I'd only shot myself, not my fellow diners, so I wiped up what I could, licked my fingers and continued eating.
After dinner we walked the boardwalk at Long Beach and went back to the Music Guy and Opera Diva's place for coffee and dessert. Under their kitchen lights the full glory of the damage I had wrought was revealed: shirt, shorts, skin - everything was orange tinged. Front and back. Don't ask how that was possible. But it was only when we got home that I saw the roe had made its way to my beloved lilac linen Birkin-style bag. Front, back, sides and even underneath, it was everywhere. A huge mess that proved beyond the capabilities of even Tide-To-Go. I've scrubbed it as well as I can and it may yet survive, but I think I will have to cover it in saran-wrap and don a rain slicker and a sou'wester myself before I tackle another lobster dinner.


Charlie said...

I am sorry it is not funny, but the way you describe it makes it a little bit funny:-) because at one time or another we have all been there. Try the "Spray and Wash" Stain Stick, it is amazing! I just gave a tube to a friend that spilled, without noticing, a ton of basil pesto on a brand new white table cloth. As she was throwing it away I asked her to let me take it home and let me see if this will work. Although we all know that olive oil and mashed basil are killers and stain green FOREVER! Would you believe it, all the spots and the gigantic stain came up! They don't sell the stuff here but now I am getting calls from all corner of Helsinki(granted not that many corners here) asking if I have a spare:-) So now there are 2 tubes doing the rounds around Helsinki! The stuff is a miracle stain remover! Give it a shot before you give up your lobsters! I miss my lobsters and no stain could keep me from it! Granted I am talking big because I have Spray & Wash!

Jennifer said...

My in-laws swear by Zout... might be worth a try, too.

At least you got to eat the lobster!

Oh, and that bowl is fabulous.

modernemama said...

That bowl is a purse, Jennifer and a mixture of Zout and Tide to Go got the stains out of the bag.... eventually

modernemama said...

Charlie- there a couple in Belgium too that I sent back with friends. I can't tell you the number of ties The Guy threw out before the sticks. I had a stick in my bag but the lobster attack was too big to handle at the table...