The Cool House: Hydrangea colour

Monday, August 04, 2008

Hydrangea colour

There's a rich blue hydrangea at the east side of the yard that blooms throughout the summer. In front used to be a patch of lawn 4'x 6' with low-growing junipers on either side. Gradually over the past four years that patch of grass has turned to moss, and although we've removed all the ivy and weeds from that area, it was looking sad and neglected. The blue hydrangea was the one bright spark of colour on that side.

This weekend we decided the lawn would never return and planting another couple of hydrangeas would be more aesthetically pleasing and (once they were in) less labour-intensive. Of course August isn't the optimum time to find hydrangeas at the nursery but we set off on our quest anyway. We found only one worthy specimen, Hydrangea Annabelle, whose 10" snowball heads should be a joy next summer. The Guy planted it early Sunday morning and it almost covers the lawn area right now. By next Spring you will never know there had ever been a minute patch of grass on that border.


Anonymous said...

The Guy - down from the roof and hard(?) at work - and your beautiful pictures of flowers (how you get them to come out so clear I can't figure out)- what could be better?

modernemama said...

down from the roof and out of the dog house (temporarily)