The Cool House: Garden Round Up

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Garden Round Up

Let's see what's doing well in the yard this back end of summer

The impatiens continue to pop up all over the yard, some where I had them last year and some in random places that have never seen an annual before. This beauty, however, is in a planter and its petal was pierced by a new bud.

The sedums I planted in early July behind the barbecue are now flowering. They seem to really like the mix of sun and shade back there.

The thyme we planted around the flagstone path? Not so much. There's almost nothing left of it now. That really was a waste of.....yep, time.


Unknown said...

Thyme is a tough one. I planted some in my garden a couple of years ago and we had to watch it like a hawk to help it survive. Your flowers look beautiful.


Charlie said...

I cannot believe your garden is still blooming so beautifully at this time of year! Indian summer anyone:-)Lucky girl!