The Cool House: My Good Deed

Monday, September 08, 2008

My Good Deed

It was a good job I was home, and that I listened to the barking dogs instead of telling them to SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP. When I went out to see what all the commotion was about I found the oil guy just about to fill my tank.
What's wrong with that?
1) He wasn't my oil guy, he was one house away from his destination. He was new and unsurprisingly, he found the whole road name and numbering system confusing. It is but we do have house number all over the property now.
2) I had my tank filled last month.
What is the protocol when you get next door's oil delivered to your tank? Who sucks up that mistake? Just wondering....
File under: Incorporated Village, an alternate universe.


Jean Martha said...

Send him to my house!

Anonymous said...

Murphy's Law - you can have 6 foot high flourescent, flashing house numbers and, while you're out, the delivery driver dumps 20 tons of topsoil on your drive instead of at your neighbours across the road!!