The Cool House: Scratch-free

Saturday, September 27, 2008


I got really excited when I read the headline for self-repairing paint. Turns out it's for cars, but car today, house tomorrow, right? I could sure do with some instead of constantly having to touch up the animal-inflicted nicks and scratches on the walls and trim at the Cool House. Until then I'll have to make do with this handy little gizmo.
Of course what I'm really waiting for is a self-painting wall....


Why S? said...

I had that handy little gizmo once. I got it for the repeated tagging on my retaining wall. It didn't last long. The roller thing dried out and got goopy. I guess I should have cleaned it properly each time but that sort of takes the convenience out of it. But this looks like a newer incarnation. Maybe they've improved it. I have to say, I liked it while it lasted.

Jennifer said...

Self repairing paint... how COOL! I could use that here, too!