The Cool House: Cake or pity?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cake or pity? is having a Home for the Holidays Contest, with a real live prize, so I was flipping through my photo files to get inspiration for this year's holiday decorations when I happened upon this gem from our first end-of-year holiday at The Cool House back in 2004.
No, a two year old did not produce this monstrosity, I did it all by myself. What's worse, I used a kit. Deeply, deeply sad.
The houseblogs competition ends Wednesday November 19 2008, so get yourself over there quick if you want to enter. Me? I'm off to hang my head in shame.


Jean Martha said...

I have to buy a gingerbread house kit for the Fiance this week. He's never done one and he's taking full advantage of my Christian ways...LOL

Round Rabbit said...

This totally cracked me up!

You should make a gingerbread version of YOUR house. There aren't nearly enough modernist gingerbread houses in the world!:)

modernemama said...

Me make a model of my house? Way beyond my skill set.
On the other hand perhaps you could add a new line of house plates or models to your business?

Joanne said...

You know? I've never made a gingerbread house before. Not ever. Maybe I'll take round rabbit's idea and try one of The Box House. How hard can it be to make a shoebox shaped gingerbread house?