The Cool House: Perfect Day

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Perfect Day

Also known as best birthday ever, or the BIG DAY of FUN! Featuring copious amounts of champagne, starting with a Mimosa (Buck’s Fizz ) in bed, followed by

cards and prezzies, and more Mimosa. From far away, via Amazon, came cds and DVDs and is that a new camera? Oh, joy. Now I can annoy every one sending high resolution photos that will clog their email boxes forever. Such fun.
Wait, what's in the package? No, not the economic stimulus salvation package, the red one with the gold bow right there in the photo.

It's a fantabulously gorgeous necklace. The Guy done good.

Phone calls and messages, and flowers from family abroad.

The Guy made Duck Frittata for lunch. There was more Champagne. Afterwards I played around with the new camera.
Part II of fun continued in the city, all timed and planned perfectly by The Guy with none of the memory lapses that dogged past celebrations:
Cocktails at Hotel Iroquois.
Dinner at db Bistro Moderne, Foie gras, Diver Scallops, "Mont Blanc" and a half bottle of Chassagne-Montrachet.
Speed the Plow at The Ethel Barrymore Theatre.
Post-theater champagne cocktail. And then home. We played Perfect Day because it was.
P.S. The big day of fun continues. A big thank you to whoever sent the balloon and flowers in the top shot. They arrived this morning, anonymously!


Why S? said...

Sounds fabulous! Happy Belated Birthday!

Jean Martha said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Jen said...

Wow what a day. I wish you a great however late birthday.