The Cool House: Can I go back to BA, please?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Can I go back to BA, please?

You know I'm not one to whinge or moan but
1) Today the car wouldn't start so I got a guy to come jump it. It started for him but of course when he left it died again. They're coming to tow it first thing tomorrow but they have to call me two hours prior to that to verify my address and make sure I still need it towing. They will call at 6 AM!@! I will try to be pleasant but there are no guarantees as I explained to the third person I spoke to at towing assistance today.
2) As the animals are still on vacation I had the carpets cleaned yesterday so they'll be stain-free for the Solstice Party on Sunday. They missed a huge chunk and I didn't notice it until late last night. They are coming back to re-do the spots which means it won't be dry before the puppies come home and roll on it. Grrr
3) I made three batches of ice cream for aforementioned party, Cointreau and Candied Orange Peel, Dulce de Leche (with the real stuff from Argentina) and Bourbon. Two froze but the last looks like Bourbon sauce, not ice cream, so I'll have to wait for the bowl to chill to redo it. That means going to bed late tonight or making it when towing assistance wakes me up at 6 AM!@!
4) We ran out of both vodka and gin before we left and I was on my way to the liquor store to restock when the car stalled. I need a stiff drink right now.
5) It's going to snow again
I want to go back to sunny, stress-free Buenos Aires. Please.


Jean Martha said...

OK, you may go...but take me with you...

Marilyn said...

...and take me, too. But let's bring the ice cream!

Very0me said...

My car!!!???

It may not die! Very worried here...

modernemama said...

we can all go AND they have the best helado, too (Italian influence again), so we don't need to take mine.