The Cool House: First Casualty of Winter

Monday, December 22, 2008

First Casualty of Winter

I looked out of the back door this morning and was surprised how light it was. Then it occurred to me that I wouldn't normally be able to see my neighbor's house from this angle, now I could see that, and a portion of the back yard as well. Hmm, yesterday we had an 8' holly bush outside the door but the combination of a heavy snowfall and ice temperatures have bent it into a 2' bush. I can't get out to see if it has snapped off or whether it will bounce back but I don't suppose it will be the last yard-related loss this season. Surprisingly the fence is still standing!

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S and N said...

Oh! I try to forget about about what awaits me under the snow. My prized boxwood hedge was alarmingly bronze a few weeks ago. Now it's out of sight under a blanket of snow and I will try to avoid thinking about it until spring. Your winter landscape is beautiful. And your dinner parties look and sound delicious. Have a wonderful holiday. The good thing about plants is that they want to live as much as we want them to. I hope your holly has some flex.