The Cool House: Flying South

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Flying South

We're heading south for a few days. Florida? Nope. Mexico? Keep going. Farther. Not there yet. It's a long, long way. So far that it will be summer when we get there.
We won't actually be flying American. This 1968 AA advertisement is purely so you can marvel at
a) the fab mod cape that was part of the uniform
b) the iconic Saarinen Tulip chair the model is curled up in (I'm sure that wasn't a comfortable pose)
c) the inappropriate sexism of the concept
I'll post as and when I can, but as the hotel we will be staying at has one of the best bars in the city who knows how lucid I will be?


Marilyn said...

What a fabulous time capsule that ad is. I envy your flying away somewhere so lovely and exotic (yet, I've heard, quite European). Have a wonderful time.

oxi said...

cute.. love the ad.. (have a nice trip!)

Why S? said...

If an average martini is $5, you can drink two for me. Have a great time! Un buen viaje!

Jen said... will be warm there. Yay! Have a great time and be safe.