The Cool House: Lighting Up

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Lighting Up

The landscape lighting has been a trifle temperamental since we moved in. It seems constantly being jumped on by squirrels and cats, kicked by landscapers, and knocked over by tree surgeons and snowplows was more abuse than the lamps could take. In places the cable had been completely severed. Although we've re-coupled, duct-taped and generally mended all the parts, it had got to the point that only on fully moonlit nights was it safe to venture down the paths. We finally assessed the risk of serious injury to ourselves or visitors versus the cost of a new system and invested in a set of low voltage lights for the driveway and added a couple of new lamps to the set on the front path.
The dogs were very serious about getting the job done right. Sadie oversaw every lamp connection, leaning on The Guy a couple of times to remind him to screw the bulb in before moving on to the next spot. This is a pretty simple system to install, and even taking time to bury the cable it only took a couple of hours. The downside is that once the lamps are clipped into the cable they cannot be moved and one lamp (on the corner of the path, of course) wouldn't work. We have no idea why that one lamp isn't cooperating but as it snowed last night it will be a while before we can investigate further. And really, will it matter? A few feet of snow, a couple of visits by the snowplow, a falling branch or two and by Spring we'll probably only have half the lamps working again.

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