The Cool House: Merry Madness

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Madness

The thing about having your end-of-year celebration at Solstice is you forget other people still have a few days of crazy left before their Happy Holiday moment. I ran to the pharmacy and was amazed to find four cars in front of me fighting over one space that was partially blocked by a UPS truck. When I got into the pharmacy there was a line. Trust me in the backwoods of Long Island that pretty much never happens. I couldn't understand what was going on until the pharmacist handed me my purchases and wished me a Merry Christmas.
I never, even back in the old days in the old countries, understood this manic urge to get out and join hundreds of others stockpiling essential supplies. After all, the shops will be open again on the 26th, won't they?
Anyway, it's cold again and we've had the big blowout meal so I've made an enormous pot of Split Pea Soup with the leftover ham bone, with that and the dried fruits we'll be good until normality returns on Friday. Merry Midwinter!

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