The Cool House: Snow Scene

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Scene

It snowed a lot yesterday, luckily the good kind of snow: plentiful, soft and white. It's looking picturesque enough for tomorrow's Solstice Party and The Guy has shoveled the paths so whichever way people come (unless it's down the chimney) they should be able to make it to the door unimpeded.


Marilyn said...

So beautiful - almost looks like a woodcut. Glad you can enjoy the loveliest parts of the season!

Jen said...

Such a pretty scene. So glad you captured this moment.

Looks like you have a great time in BA.

Too bad about the house in NC. Sometimes I just dont get what people are thinking.

And what a party...I would have loved to taste some of those left overs.

Happy Holidays to you.