The Cool House: Solstice Tree

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Solstice Tree

Sometimes I can be a tad sarcastic about life in the 'bay but I can't fault our local firefighters. Knowing we would miss the annual tree sale while in BA, we gave them a handful of dosh and asked if they'd pick out a 7'-8' tree and deliver it. When I got home there was a huge tree hidden around the side of the house (in case of tree thieves, I suppose) but I didn't realise how fantastic it was until The Guy came home from Sao Paulo and we were able to erect it. Thanks Halesite Fire Fighters.

We finally decorated it this morning. Yes. I know it's leaning left but don't you think that's appropriate in this house? Anyway it's very festive, just don't call it a Christmas tree!


Unknown said...

Happy Winter Solstice! It is a lovely tree.

Joanne said...

Beautiful! Happy Solstice!

Why S? said...

I think I was leaning too far left to notice the tree's leaning. Happy Solstice to all at The Beach House!

Anonymous said...
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