The Cool House: All Fall Down

Saturday, January 03, 2009

All Fall Down

We weren't planning on taking the tree down until Sunday but it had other ideas. I'd just finished cleaning up from New Year yesterday morning when I heard the crash. No animals were anywhere near the tree when it fell to the ground so we can't blame them and I closed off the room pretty smartly so they wouldn't get cut paws from the shattered ornaments. Lessons for next year: Make sure the tree is centered before you decorate it and keep it well watered; the poor thing was bone dry. Surprisingly though, it had lost hardly any needles until it hit the floor; it looked as fresh and green as did when we dragged it in two weeks ago. The tree ornaments, however, didn't fare so well. In the end we lost most of the hand-blown icicles, all the red glass ornaments and a couple of the hand-painted ones. I was amazed the whole lot didn't smash but we'll still be looking at a couple of dozen replacements next year.

We removed the rest of the decorations at the same time. The house is pretty bare now but the Satellite bowl looks good in its new home.


Marilyn said...

I've heard the sound of a Christmas tree crash before - you definitely know it! Love that bowl more every time I see it. Happy New Year, Jane!

Jen said...

Oh no...the tree.

I too love the bowl.
Is the architectural drawing framed above The Beach House?

modernemama said...

Jenni - it is the blueprint fo rthe ground floor, signed Andrew Geller, dated June 1968. A great thing to have and a handy map for people to orient themselves before they explore Beach House - I'm not kidding!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!! I love the piece. So perfect for your place.