The Cool House: The Future

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Future

Guess who is going to see Leonard Cohen in concert and whose tardiness meant they missed out on tickets? If I wasn't coughing so badly I'd be sobbing. Anyhow, here is the video that proved just how sexy the man is. From his awesome appearance on Later with Jules Holland in 1993. Enjoy.


Jean Martha said...

I'm almost positive he's going to announce a big tour of the US soon.

Anonymous said...

you could have seen him outdoors, at a winery (get's better dosen't it)."WHAT TO BRING. Deck chair or picnic rug for the general
admission area, jacket, poncho for inclement weather, sun hat
and sunscreen, comfy shoes and good vibes. PERMITTED Sealed bottled water (only), food, esky,
non professional cameras and best singing voice." Did I say 'at a winery'?

modernemama said...

Any gigs at wineries in the future, or do I have to fly to the antipodes?