The Cool House: We sat on it too long

Saturday, January 24, 2009

We sat on it too long

The fence that is. This one in the photo. Well, obviously we didn't actually sit on it as it would have collapsed much earlier, but we hummed and hawed and generally procrastinated over the benefits of a 4' over a 6' fence, cedar versus a sawdust composite, self-build or ready-made. We tried to make it last just one more season, one more year, a little longer, dragging out the inevitable as we always do until, THUD. Or at least a gentle thwack as one by one the uprights fell onto the snowy ground.
Oh custom-made cedar fence, you looked so sturdy back in the late spring sunshine. Now The Guy has been forced to prop you up with all manner of scraps of wood, fallen tree branches and the plastic lid from the beer cooler. Not really the warm, uniquely modern look we were going for but one we'll be forced to live with until winter comes to an end.

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Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of the pics of your house in the snow. I'm in the Bay Area so don't get any snow to play in. I am, however sympathetic with your old wood fence woes. I also have a 5ft high wood fence and one very windy day one section of it blew down. Luckily my dogs didn't escape as I was home. Now it remains, like yours, up, but only so because it's propped up with various pieces of lumber, etc. Why don't the fence fairies repair these things overnight?!