The Cool House: February Fourteenth Fence Fixing and Feasting

Saturday, February 14, 2009

February Fourteenth Fence Fixing and Feasting

Other girls get chocolates and roses on Valentine's Day. I received a roll of poultry fencing and a handful of L brackets*. Well, the fence needed securing, at least until we can re-fence in Spring and I'm not terribly romantically inclined. I'm not too upset.
We're not taking any bets on how long this temporary fix will last but I'm hoping for the end of April. We ended up not using the poultry fencing as The Guy was able to secure the panels to the existing uprights with the L brackets, but we'll keep it just in case.

The newly braced fence. Cat approved.
I am, however, making a French inspired Valentine's supper à quatre tonight:

Salad frisee and Bouillabaisse with Rouille

and Pots de Creme.
Sounds so much more romantic than poached egg salad, fish soup and custard, doesn't it?

Our Valentine's Bears and Chocolate - gifts from the Loyal Blog Reader and Awesome Designer
Happy Valentine's Day to all those who celebrate.
*The Guy would like me to point out that the fence-securing supplies were not my Valentine's present, they were for the dogs. MY gift was the tank of fuel he put in my car this morning. Glad we cleared that up!
UPDATE: Tulips arrived but The Guy insists he bought them for himself.

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Marilyn said...

Nothing says amour like poultry fencing!

(except pots de creme - ooh, what a meal!)

Also, congrats on a sublimely alliterative headline. Happy Valentine's Day.