The Cool House: It's a long way to Stamford

Monday, February 23, 2009

It's a long way to Stamford

Connecticut. That's the faint strip on the horizon way over the other side of Long Island Sound. And that's where the taxi will be coming from if I book it with the Taxi! app I have on the iphone. That's the problem with living in the Incorporated Village - our wireless signals are clearest right across the water. The best radio signal is Connecticut's Kool 96.7 FM, so we know which Chevy dealer to use should we find ourselves in need of a bargain car; if you dial 911 you're likely to get an operator in the Nutmeg State who has no clue where to send the emergency services, and using our GPS location the taxi will have to make a 60 mile trip to pick me up. Technology, still not perfect, then.


Jennifer said...

Yep, technology! Funny.

Debra said...

A real love/hate relationship isn't it?
Thank you for visiting me- please stop by often. I love that recipe for the polenta cake-a must try. Thank you!