The Cool House: My Life with Cats

Friday, February 20, 2009

My Life with Cats

With two dogs and four cats it's a constant battle here to keep the animal fur at lower than ankle level. But occasionally, after the surfaces have been dusted, the floors swept or vacuumed and the beds changed, just for a little while it looks like a normal clean house. Yesterday was one of those days, fresh duvet on the bed, flowers in a vase, it looked pretty good. That lasted a few hours until I noticed that a cat (difficult to pin down just which one, but it wasn't Mr Cassis) had thrown up on the bedcover. I sighed, stripped off the cover, threw it in the machine and climbed into bed.
It wasn't until I got up this morning that I realised that the cat had also thrown up on the sheet. The one I'd been wrapped in all night. Luckily, it seemed pretty much contained on The Guy's side and he was away. But still. Yuk, yuk , bloody cats, yuk!


Jean Martha said...

LOL!! I feel your pain. Tal is a master if puking UNDER the sheets...evil. pure evil.

min hus said...

Me too, we have three cats.

I think they wait until we've just washed something to do something yucky. Must be a cat thing, humans love sleeping on clean sheets, cats love barfing on them.