The Cool House: I hear Spring

Friday, March 27, 2009

I hear Spring

It must be Spring because hark, what is that sound? Birds? No. Leaves opening on the trees? No. Buds breaking? Definitely not. No, that is the sound of the landscapers. With a harmony of dogs barking, a cacophony that will persist until late November. Wow, it has been quiet around here for the past four months.
On the list for today: clean up the ravages of winter including the lawn deposited on the drive by the snow plow; replant the rhododendron the snowplow nudged; plant the blue spruce and two conifers I bought in a plant sale last fall that have already doubled in size; take out the dead hemlock behind the Magnolia at the front of the property.

Meanwhile I can't find a single Spring flower in the yard - no crocus, no daffodils, no tulips. You'll just have to be content with this orchid that was part of a bouquet of flowers given to me last Sunday. I finally had time to arrange them and I took this guy out and gave him his own vase. Pretty, no?

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kathleen said...

Yes, I was noting all the landscaping trucks that have sprouted along the neighborhood streets in the last couple of weeks. So bright and shiny this time of year. Nothing says spring quite as much.