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Friday, March 13, 2009

Infinite space

You know how it is when you are renovating, you visit a house and notice all sorts of things you want to incorporate in your own home. That's what it was like when we saw the music room at The Breakers, which in turn was inspired by the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles.

At the mansion huge mirrors were positioned on opposite sides of the room and enormous Baccarat crystal chandeliers hung between them to create an optical illusion - the lights reflected in the mirrors seem to stretch into infinity, making the room appear endless. How neat it would be, I thought, if we could recreate this back at The Cool House.

Then I forgot about it until yesterdy when a lightbulb blew in one of the sconces in the dressing room. As I switched the light back on after replacing the bulb I saw the same trick of the eye I'd witnessed at the mansion but on a more modern, and a more modest, scale. I don't know why I hadn't noticed it before, but maybe I shouldn't remove the 70s mirrored walls when we renovate this space?

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Things That Inspire said...

I am going to Newport this summer, and look forward to seeing the Breakers again! It has been many years since I visited.

Great optical illusion in your bathroom!

Decor To Adore said...

I am visiting via H.O.H. Great post!

I hope you'll stop by for a visit, I am hosting a giveaway.

DesignTies said...

That's cool!! I say leave the mirror there and keep your very own illuminated illusion :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

What great inspiration! The room at The Breakers inspired by the Hall of Mirrors is pretty amazing.

Christy said...

I remember that room from a visit to Newport ages ago. I'm not sure I'd keep the mirrors in the beach house...hmmm...tough decision. So where are the mirrors in the Breakers? I can't tell from the photograph!

modernemama said...

Christy the photo is of Versailles and the mirrors are all over, there is one visible in the photo on the right side in the middle. They won't let you photograph the interior of The Breakers, apart from the upstairs loggia, for fear of flash damage but they are set so you can peer into them and see endless lights. It's beautiful.