The Cool House: Bridge to Somewhere

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bridge to Somewhere

We said yes please to repairing the bridge. Our other plan was to procure a whole new readymade bridge from an online supplier, which in the end proved to be impossible. At first glance it just seemed prohibitively expensive but on closer inspection all the 12' bridges are 36" wide, this one (of course) was custom made and 48". So we went to plan B, removing and replacing the rotted wood. Luckily the support frame was in good condition and our lovely handyman is taking this opportunity to level out the sunken bricks that we couldn't reach before.

Can I tell you what a joy it is to work within someone who's even more detail oriented than me? Someone who says: "if you have a bag of sand lying about I could see to those bricks for you". It's total bliss. Anyway, the bridge should last a few more years and if the weather improves (we are promised 80+ temps by the weekend) we may even get to walk over it to the pool.... which we should think about opening for this season

1 comment:

Jean Martha said...

I love your bridge, so dang cute.

I'll be sneaking into your pool come August. OMG. I hate NYC in August.

Every summer I threaten get one of those $40 crappy inflatible kids pools from Walgreens and toss it in the yard.