The Cool House: Ceci n'est pas un musée

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ceci n'est pas un musée

Well not quite yet anyway but in six short weeks the long awaited Magritte Museum will open in Brussels. In somewhat surreal fashion the website is still under construction but there is a link to this fantastic video that shows the stately Beaux-Arts Museum as well as the virtual Magritte Museum.
Visitors to The Cool House may get a clue how much I love Magritte's art, and I've been to many retrospectives that brought together paintings from all over the world but this museum will house the largest single collection of his work - more than 170 paintings - as well as letters, photographs and films.

The Musée Magritte Museum opens June 2 2009 in the former Hotel Altenloh, a neo-classical building on Place Royale, Brussels. Tickets can be reserved now: by email or phone: +32 (0)2/508 33 33.

I'll be there as soon as possible.


Jennifer said...

I'd love to go there someday! I like the grand opening poster.

On 7 layer jello... I've made this for children's snacks before. Rainbows! It's fun. Tastes just like a 5 year old LOVES.

Nadine @ BDG said...

Magritte is one of my favorite artists-- and Belgium is a great place--

from the right bank said...

Oh my, this looks amazing! I want to go too!