The Cool House: DIY Art

Sunday, April 26, 2009


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Four or five years ago when we were buying The Cool House someone asked what we were going to do with all the huge white walls as we didn't have enough art to fill the space. I said we'd find more as we went along and if the need arose to hang a big picture I could always paint a blank canvas with a bold solid color. I remember there was much derisive laughter and shaking of heads at this suggestion.

Well, I say to you scoffers: Look at the New York Times Home & Garden section . They showed this panel from the Kips Bay 2009 Decorator Showhouse; a 12'x6' stretched canvas painted with Benjamin Moore Big Sky Blue. Hah! I was just a little ahead of my time.


Christy said...

Ha! That is so funny. But the question is, did you follow through in your own house? Forgive me if the answer is out there on your blog somewhere....

modernemama said...

Luckily one way or another I found large inexpensive paintings I love... but I reserve the right to tale a quart of BM to a canvas in the future