The Cool House: Orange Glow

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Orange Glow

Sunset on the deck overlooking Nathan Hale Beach, Huntington Bay, Long Island. What had started out as a warm evening with a not terribly promising sky transformed into this magical moment. Un-retouched, uncropped; just as it happened around 7:30 PM on Friday April 24. I can hardly believe this is New York in late Spring.
Click to embiggen.


heidi said...

embiggen? GREAT word.

modernemama said...

Embiggen - one of the words from Urban Dictionary you can use in polite company

Charlie said...

I embiggened it and WOW, what a shot! That is a truly spectacular sunset photo. That photo deserves to be blown up and set on canvas for all to admire. made me go look:-) I thought I was missing something.