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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thermal Imaging Maps

This is the last hot day of the mini heatwave and, I thought, an appropriate time to post this neat interactive imaging map of heat loss from buildings in Brussels.

Search by locality and street to see how much energy literally disappears into thin air. The map allows residents to see how efficient (or not) a building is and links within the site (French or Dutch only) suggest improvements such as insulating the attic or turning down the thermostat; a separate section directs home owners to grants that help offset the costs of making the building more economic to heat and more environmentally friendly.
This type of mapping was also undertaken a couple of years ago in the UK but I haven't seen a similar US thermal map. I'd be very interested to see how much we are heating the neighborhood on a cold December night. What do you think: An invasion of privacy or a useful tool to fight climate change?

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kathleen said...

Probably not too intrusive, considering all we can learn via google. Love that google, you know. I wouldn't mind knowing how my house was doing, and wouldn't care if other people knew. Actually, it could be quite helpful for people who want to make sure they aren't heating or air conditioning the neighborhood.